Which computer should you buy?

Computers come in various shapes and sizes. There are the larger desktop PCs which give you more processing power and there are the laptops which offer portability, with less processing power. Another device which may be considered as an alternative would be a tablet, which is even smaller than a laptop, but let’s you perform similar tasks on it.

Desktop Computer

This is the oldest form of the household computers that are in used today. Desktop computers have a very large CPU and have a lot more fans and larger components than you would find in a laptop. The main usage of desktop computers today would be for business or gaming. Gaming is where a desktop really shines, as it will support some of the latest hardware. Another advantage of using a desktop for gaming is that you have the option of upgrading it with newer hardware if you wish to. There is also the option of building your own desktop computer, which is a cheaper option to purchasing pre-assembled desktops. The drawback is that you will need a monitor for visual output and these tend to be quite expensive.


This is probably the most popular PCs in use today. Laptops, like desktops come in varied sizes, however the most common size are the 15” laptops. A laptop has a lot more versatility in usage compared to a desktop as they are portable. You can take the laptop with you to work or college by carrying in a laptop bag or backpack. This makes it more favorable especially for college students, who will be having to spend a lot of time using a computer for their coursework. Though laptops can be used for gaming, they aren’t the recommended choice if you are a hardcore gamer.


Netbook/ Tablets

A netbook is a miniature version of a laptop, with much lesser specifications. They still have their usage in terms of being suitable for college and work. However, they are not recommended for gaming since they typically have much lesser processing power. Another alternative are the tablet PCs. These are different to a laptop in that they are entirely touch operated, as there is no physical keyboard. Tablets are great if you wish to take down notes using a stylus pen, or if you wish to read documents. You can attach peripheral devices to them if you need to.


These are just three of the diverse types of PCs that you can get. They all vary in prices, so you can’t say one is more expensive than the other, however, tablets and netbooks may be the cheapest options.

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