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Proven SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites in 2018

Search engine optimisation is something that is always in a flex. As algorithms change, so does SEO. The SEO tactics you painstakingly became familiar with a couple of years ago may not longer even be relevant thanks to algorithm updates. If you want to optimise your website in 2018, here are several suggestions on what to do:

Write Detailed Product Descriptions with Keywords

Product descriptions are essential for search query ranking purposes as well as customer satisfaction purposes. Therefore, make sure all product pages are accompanied by not just pictures, but updated descriptions of each products as well. Use a relevant keyword or two in the descriptions as well to assist local and web search queries. Make sure product descriptions are free of spelling and grammar errors. Avoid copy pasting descriptions for similar products. Paraphrase if information is the same.

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Use Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords, in simple terms, are search phrases that do not generate loads of traffic volume. For example, “soap” is a very broad and generic search term that is used for search queries a lot. On the other hand “handmade lavender soap Geelong” is a very specific key phrase that is not likely to generate as many queries as just “soap.” Therefore, it is called a long-tail keywords. Smaller brands are highly encouraged to optimise websites and landing pages with these long-tail keywords. The reason is the high query yielding keywords are very competitive and tends to be dominated by big-name brands with massive marketing budgets.  Smaller companies that use the same keywords would only get lost among the results. Therefore, hire a great SEO agency like to research long-tail keywords to boost your company’s search profile.

Use Secure Domain Names

In 2018, cybercrime is a major concern for corporations as well as consumers. Customers are not more concerned than ever about being duped to give up their sensitive personal information online. Therefore, many do not shop at websites that lack secure HTTPS or SSL certification. The certification guarantees that a site verified and legitimate. It’s not expensive to buy an SSL certificate and it will immediate boost the trust of your website. Lacking a secure HTTPS connection would result in higher bounce rates as well as hurt search rankings. Google prioritised secure site and your site might get an “unsecure” warning if proper security measures are not being followed.

Focus on Local Mobile Search

Google’s new algorithm is updated with a “mobile first” approach. That means the search engine can discern the user’s intent based on his or her location. The search results will be first drawn from the local listings in the user’s region. These listing results are generated by organic search. But paid results may appear on top. Therefore, to optimise your site, get it high up on local search results. Use localised keywords and get listed in directories.

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It’s very important to stay on top of algorithm updates and search engine news to do SEO correctly in an up-to-date manner. Follow trends and run an analysis regarding what might work. Use the above tips to your advantage when you are upgrading your current digital marketing plan.

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