Four must have tech skills for every corporate worker

It is difficult to recall a time when anything was done by anyone without the incorporation of technology and its impact has been remarkable over the last 10 years. Today, for an individual to be considered for pretty much any job, tech skills are a necessity as technology is involved up to a certain extent in every department of every organization of every industry. Discusses in this article are four tech skills that are most preferred by employers today, specifically in Singapore.

Mobile development

In an attempt to streamline and increase the efficiency of business operations, managers of some the leading enterprises of the market have provided their employees with smart devices. Such business decisions are supported by the reduced Singapore iPhone price levels, creating the demand for inhouse mobile professionals with knowledge and experience about Windows, iOS, Android and web-based application development and maintenance. These skills will play a major role in preventing long-term disruptions in the communication process and development of smart solutions for production line and distribution processes.

Social media savviness

While most organizations take disciplinary action against workers who spend an awful lot of time on social media while on their job, when recruiting, employers specifically look for this in applicants. Social media can be a great source of information for those keen on learning about the latest happenings around the world and more specifically, the business world. Also, marketing departments utilize social media platforms to conduct promotional and advertising activities and being knowledgeable about these will definitely give an applicant an edge in an interview.

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

This is currently one of the most sought-after skills by business entities and as a result most individuals take courses that help them become more proficient in these areas. These three cover some of the most fundamental organizational activities and pretty much all employees of an organization must have a certain level of understanding about creating a formal document in Microsoft Word, formulating a table in Microsoft Excel and developing an elaborative slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint.


This is the logical and systematic process by which an individual is able to identify and fix an issue with certain technological components. Corporate employees with such capabilities are a huge asset to an organization as they are able to save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent on transferring the equipment to and from the it department or a third-party service provider. Having understood the cause behind a problem, these workers will make sure it doesn’t happen again and as such, they will be able to perform their tasks with a high level of efficiency.

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